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Floor Cleaners Sink

The Simcraft Floor Cleaners Sink is a floor-mounted version of our popular Cleaners Sink. It is ideal for use by cleaners and janitors of commercial buildings for the removal of waste water from cleaning floors. The sink is crafted from 304 grade stainless steel and has a highly durable design which resists wear and tear. It comes in two standard sizes (21 or 30 Litre) and features a 160mm deep bowl with heavy duty hinged grate to facilitate emptying of mop buckets with a minimum of heavy lifting, as well as providing bucket storage when not in use. Supplied with heavy duty floor brackets. Rear blade upstand optional.


Size: small or large |  Upstand: 100mm or 600mm blade upstand

Radius internal corners for easy cleaning 1.2mm 304 grade S.S. No. 4 satin finish Heavy duty S.S. hinged grate with rubber bumpers
Supplied with floor brackets & 50mm waste Rear 25mm blade upstand Available in 2 standard sizes
100mm or 600mm rear blade upstand options

SIMCRAFT Products S.S. Floor Mounted Cleaners Sink – Small/Large sink including 100/600mm rear upstand and 50mm waste outlet.

Schools Colleges Universities
Laboratories Medical Centres Hospitals
Child Care Centre Sporting Grounds Public Amenities

3.8 Floor Mounted Cleaners Sink Datasheet