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Downdraft Ventilated Sink

The Simcraft Downdraft Ventilated Sink is a utility workstation which combines our Downdraft Ventilated Bowl and Laboratory Bowl into one unit. Crafted from 316 grade acid-resistant stainless steel, this sink provides a versatile work area for facilities where noxious gases may be present. The Downdraft Ventilated Bowl is designed with a raised air outlet which when installed is connected to an extraction system to effectively remove any hazardous gases present. The raised air outlet is protected by a ‘domed hat’ which ensures that no liquid can enter; the grading of the base tray ensures that all liquid runs off to the 50mm outlet beside the air exhaust. The base tray and air and liquid outlets are protected by a removable grated panel which provides a flat surface for working on while being easily removable for cleaning of the unit. The sink also features a laboratory bowl for washing up and ablutions, available in a variety of sizes, as well as a wet edge around the entire top circumference of the benchtop and a 100mm rear hob suitable for mounting tapware, which can be provided upon request. This unit is popular for use in pathology and forensic laboratories, medical research facilities, university laboratories and hospitals.


Size: standard or custom | Upstand: 150mm or custom size | Acid resistance G316 waste available | Tapware or tap holes available

Multi-functional design Downdraft air suction to remove fumes whilst disposing of hazardous/chemical waste Quickly & hygienically dispose of liquid hazardous/chemical waste
Standard or custom sizes Removable fully perforated work top allows for easy cleaning 1.2mm 316 grade S.S. No. 4 satin finish

SIMCRAFT Products S.S. Inset Ventilated Bio-medical Sink – XXXXL x XXXW with 150mm high upstand to rear and sides, 600X500 downdraft bowl with removable perforated hood, 350x350x300 mm deep bowl with 50mm waste.