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Conical Cascade Rim

The Simcraft Inset Conical Cascade Rim is an inset waste removal unit fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel (acid-resistant 316 grade available) and is designed to facilitate ongoing and hygienic removal of waste. The rim can be provided with a raw edge for welding directly into an existing benchtop. The unit is designed to be connected to a water inlet and when turned on, the continuous flow of water is distributed evenly around the top of the cone, from which point the constant flow of cascading water removes all waste from the unit as it is placed in there. The unit comes with a 50mm outlet as standard. Suitable for use in hospitals, aged care centres, laboratories and medical facilities.


Size: standard | Grade: commercial 304 or acid resistant 316 | Version: inset or raw edge

Allows quick & hygienic disposal of liquid and solid waste 1.2mm 304 grade S.S. No. 4 satin finish WaterMark certified
Splash free flush action with a non-turbulent continuous curtain of water Concealed internal flushing bowl Wet edge detail to contain spills
20mm rear inlet with BSP fitting 50mm waste dropper with BSP fitting Available in a standard size
Custom sizes made to order Inset or raw edge version

SIMCRAFT Products S.S. Inset Conical Cascade Rim – 420L x 420W with inset clips, integral conical Ø200mm flushing bowl with 20mm rear BSP inlet and 50mm BSP waste dropper outlet

Hospitals Laboratories Medical Centres
Aged Care Centres

3.12 Conical Cascade Rim Datasheet