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Challenger Trough

The Challenger Trough is an economical yet durable and versatile unit which is available in a range of standard sizes. Crafted from single sheet 304 stainless steel, the design features a 100mm rear hob for mounting tapware and rear tile lip for effective waterproofing. A blade upstand can be incorporated for additional splash protection on the surrounding area. Includes 50mm stainless steel outlet and heavy duty brackets for wall mounting.


Size: Standard or Custom | Outlet position: left or right hand | Upstand: 150mm blade or custom size | Optional Side Tile Lip: additional tile lips to 1 or both sides | Optional Tapware: pre-plumbed tapware or tap holes available

Economy model 1.2mm 304 grade S.S. No. 4 satin finish Supplied with wall brackets & 50mm waste
100mm rear hob for tapware mounting Tile lip to rear Left or right hand waste position
Available in a range of standard sizes Customs lengths made to order 150mm blade upstand available
Pre-plumbed tapware available

SIMCRAFT Products S.S. Challenger Trough – XXXXL x 400W x 150D with wall brackets and left/right hand 50mm waste outlet.

2.3 Challenger Trough Datasheet