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Bucket Trap

The Simcraft Bucket Trap is hand-crafted from 304 grade stainless steel. It features a 225mm diameter cylindrical body with an outlet pipe at the base of the unit and a puddle flange mounted on the outside close to the top. The unit includes a removable perforated bucket which sits snugly in the cylindrical body, where it catches detritus such as food scraps or solid waste from the waste water, which falls to the outlet below. Also included with the unit is a stainless steel grate to sit on top and a copper elbow connection for the outlet. The unit comes in both concrete and vinyl floor configurations, with inlet pipes optional. This unit is ideal for applications such as commercial kitchens where solid waste should be removed from waste water.


Size: standard | Version: concrete or vinyl floor | Inlet: 40,50,65 or 100mm | Outlet: 80 or 100mm



Cylindrical design for easy cleaning 1.6mm 316 grade S.S. No. 4 satin finish Removable Type-C bucket with handle to catch solid waste material
Concrete or vinyl floor versions 40, 50, 65, or 100mm inlets available 100mm copper elbow welded to outlet
Fully welded construction Approved by the Water Corporation Secondary mesh strainer at outlet
Standard size

SIMCRAFT Products S.S. Bucket Trap – 680L x Ø225 to suit concrete/vinyl floor with 80/100mm outlet with copper 45 degree elbow, Type-C fully perforated removable bucket and 40/50/65/100mm inlet

5.2 Bucket Trap Datasheet